Totally Enclosed Design High-safety; Larger Space Between Tie-Bars Greater adaptability; Modern Control Technology,World famous brands controller fast response speed,easy for operation;
Precision Clamping Unit,Adopt 5 points elbows and hydraulic mechanical drive technology; World Famous Brands Electric Parts Stable operation; High-Performance Injection Unit Double cylinder injection system, high injection efficiency maximize control of the precison
Clamping Part
Tie bar adopt surface hard chromium plating processing. With adjustable fect slip block structure. Automated centrauzed lubrication system. Sgnchronous gear mold adjustment. Sensor feet connecting thrust block. Optimization design of toggle Structure,clamp of opening and closing fast and smooth.
Injection Unit
Double guide bars, improve inject technology. High speed hydraulic motor for screw. Screw barrel demolishing vertically makes it easy to replace. Injection, holding pressure closed-loop control and precise back pressure control. High-strength mechanical structure design, keep lasting precision. Low speed and high torque hydraulic motor drive screw rotation, excellent performance of plastic. Optimized design of screw, wide range of raw materials.
Hydraulic Unit
Adopting Taiwan's technology to produce valve Hydraulic circuit designed to meet international safety standards No welding pipe in order to achieve stable and reliable maintain Automatically read oil temperature Adopt international well-know hydraulic components
Electric System
Support for multiple languages.
System with dual-core microprocessors makes it highspeed, anti-noise, low power consumption. USB interface can be updated or backup system parameters. Internal inspection Ethernet interface, convenient connection. Smart security features like page prompts, Provide maintenance tips and warranty. Injection pressure, velocity, end and holding pressure curve display graphical.
With a record 120 groups and 120 groups to modify alarm recording function.
Computer boot self-test function and mechanical failure alarm. I / O simulation capabilities that enable online analog input and output points. Supports simultaneous monitoring of multiple machines through an office computer, corporate managers may. differ according to the production process, production resources planning. User-friendly design layout manipulation. Servo drives can achieve a variety of control methods of digital control and analog control. Multiple closed-loop monitoring device as standard transfer mode elec

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