The hybrid series perfectly combines electric and hydraulic, modular design, and can realize synchronous action at the same time, so that the machine can exert its high performance and become competitive in the market.
Efficient overall machine reaction, high speed and high response can realize multi-functional synchronous operation and improve production efficiency.
The optimized design of the machine-twisting linkage mechanism enables smooth and fast mold opening and closing and long service life.
Reliable injection mechanism, professional screw plasticizing configuration, high-precision temperature closed-loop control
High Performancev Environmental Protection
The complete machine features. low operating noise, and even quieter during low-speed operation
Rapid Response

The servo driver features rapid response whose rapid starting time is improved by 50% compared with traditional injection.
Excellent Molding Produce Valvestability
The servo driving system has its pressure and flow under close loop control; and compared with traditional injection molders, its molding repetition precision is improved substantially
Constant Oil Temperature
The serve motor output hydraulic oil proportionately to prevent excessive heat. It can achieve substantial water saving even without cooling.
Substantial Energy Saving
Under the same conditions, it can save 20%-80% energy compared with traditional constant delivery pump injection molders.
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