The products produced and sold by the company all adopt the world's leading screw automatic dehumidification technology. This technology was researched and developed by Ningbo Kelongge in 2009. Currently, it has more than 20 patents (inventions and utility models) related to this technology. Cologne's screw dehumidification technology has passed rigorous testing and is already ahead of similar products in China, Japan and Germany, and is widely used in various injection molding production fields.
The screw is directly dehumidified during production to avoid baking raw materials for too long. No need to bake, no dust, avoid unstable product color difference Once the mold is ready, the materials can be put into production. With exhaust function, it can improve poor mold exhaust and product burning. Reduce energy consumption No expenses incurred in purchasing auxiliary machinery, etc.
Dehumidification Screw Principle
The screw uses high temperature and high pressure to evaporate the water in the plastic raw materials in a short time.
Adaptation Range

ABS、PC+ABS、PC、PA、PMMA、POM、PP+GF、PBT、PPS、LCP and other engineering materials.
Dehumidification Screw Action Analysis
Section 1 of the unloading port immediately receives high-temperature evaporation, allowing the moisture in the raw material to be quickly pushed to Section 2 at high temperature. In Section 2, the screw compression function is used to evenly compress the moisture in the raw material. When passing through Section 3, the moisture in the raw material is After the compression index reaches the explosion stage, an air explosion is carried out at the beginning of the fourth section. The water explodes into steam, which is squeezed by the raw material and then gushes out towards the exhaust port of the feed sheet. After the first dehumidification, the water cannot be completely discharged, and the screw It is compressed again in the 5th stage. During the compression process, the remaining steam is also discharged to the exhaust port of the 4th stage to achieve the purpose of rapid dehumidification.
Effect After Use
Save baking material costs (varies according to equipment size and raw material products). Improve worker boot time. Reduce the drying pause time of the machine.
Product color improves consistency. Lower product bonding lines. Reduce the chance of product scorching.
Improve the fluidity of plastic raw materials.
Save the cost of purchasing auxiliary machinery (drying equipment). Reduce workers’ fear of equipment drying materials. Prevent clumping and discoloration of plastic during baking.
Application Scope
Indicator Light Housing
PMMA Raw Materials
Shredder Housing
Nylon Material
PBT Raw Material
POM Raw Material Gear
PA30%GF Electronic Products
PA + ABS Soaked Water Raw Material Shredder Shell
Parameters Table
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