Leading the future of injection molding machine industry with technology

2018-05-07 09:29

From April 24th to 27th, the four-day "CHINAPLAS 2018 Chinaplas" officially came to an end in Shanghai. In this exhibition, around the theme of "Innovative Plastic Future", 3,948 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions around the world will release their leading technologies to the industry with a new look. Taking innovation drive as the core, it leads the new era of the industry.

As the leading injection molding machine manufacturer in China, Ningbo Cologne Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Cologne Court”) has always regarded “technology” and “integrity” as the development path, and strives to provide more creative solutions for users. The CS230 injection molding machine exhibited at the exhibition not only provides customers with various modes such as double, mixed double and monochrome, and its stability and product quality rank first in the industry. In this exhibition, Plastics Merchants Co., Ltd. as a professional media in the industry had the opportunity to interview Mr. Qi Jie, the general manager of Cologne.
Mr. Qi Jie, General Manager of Konger (left)
Technology + creativity "plastic" for a better tomorrow
The CHINAPLAS 2018 exhibition is based on the theme of “Innovative Plastic Future” and talks about innovation. Qi believes that there are many forms of innovation, but its purpose is to improve the return on investment of customers, not to “innovate for innovation”. "The differentiation of innovation atmosphere technology and the differentiation of application markets, or the differentiation of business models is also an innovation. In this regard, Qi said: "In terms of business model, Krone Court is actively exploring online and offline comprehensive promotion and promotion mode, and strive to enhance corporate brand awareness. In terms of differentiation, although the plastics industry is generally on the rise in 2017. However, with the maturity of the policy market and other aspects, the “price war” with a single product will inevitably become narrower and narrower. Therefore, products must be bigger and stronger in terms of differentiation. In the process of market segmentation, enterprises must think about it. In an invincible position, the foundation of scientific research and the quality of products are very important.” Qi also added: “Because we are talking about thick and thin in China, all things, especially big business and trade, are even more so.”
Konger booth
With the continuous development of China's industrial reform, automation has become the mainstream of the plastics machinery industry. Today, the development of automation products can not only increase the stability and reliability of plastic products, but also improve the quality and efficiency of plastic machinery. Low consumption production function. For Industry 4.0, Qi said: "At present, the intelligent department mainly focuses on the remote data assistance to customers, which greatly reduces the transaction and communication costs in cooperation with customers. In this respect, the Forum is currently working on The most basic intelligence, and "simple" is also one of the core of intelligence." In the future, Krone Court will invest more manpower and resources in the field of mechanical automation, laying a solid foundation for its global strategy.
Precise positioning, look global
The Cologne Court has always adopted the strategy of “precise positioning and precise sales”. More targeted in publicity. For the precise sales of target customers, tailor-made products according to customer needs. Not only does it save on advertising costs, but it is more targeted in terms of sales. At the same time, we learn from the methods and experience of “integrated” solutions for the sale of injection molding machines in the European market, and better cater to customer needs in terms of service.
In the second half of 2018, Cologne will start cooperation in Iran, Vietnam and India to enter the international market. In terms of price, the product is more competitive by optimizing the production process and strictly controlling the production cost in combination with the market. For the current form of international business, Qi Jie also gave his own point of view: competition and cooperation in the world today are not inconsistent. As a company, it is necessary to take advantage of the situation. Instead of being too optimistic and pessimistic, it is better to find the right time and take the initiative.
We believe that the company's business philosophy of "providing customers with the highest machine quality, cutting-edge technology and excellent performance and extensive service" will surely take the initiative at the best time and lay out the global market.
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