Review of Ningbo Cologne Machinery Zhengzhou Exhibition

2018-04-09 09:32

The 7th SINO-PLAS China Zhengzhou Plastics Expo 2018 was held on March 22, 2018 at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

At this plastics expo, KONGER launched three-color injection molding machine models of the KONGER brand for the market:


       The CMS230 adopts a vertical arrangement of the top shooting stage, a main shooting stage arranged on the upper and lower oblique angles, and a sub-stage of three sub-stages, so that the product of multi-color composition is completed in one injection molding cycle. This model is compact in structure and small in floor space. It can also produce double-color, color mixing and clear-mixing products according to different requirements.

  There are also the following points: the core material can use low-viscosity raw materials to reduce the injection pressure; it can also use recycled scrap or low-quality raw materials to reduce the cost; proper cortical material and core material can reduce residual stress and increase product strength.

  The live demonstration produces a coffee cup made of PP material. The interior is generally white, and the two colors of the exterior can be matched by themselves, achieving a combination of various mixed color patterns.

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