Toolots Inc. visits manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines Konger

2017-04-21 09:00

Toolots Inc. visits manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines Konger, based in Ningbo, China, manufacturers highly engineered machines

NINGBO, China – April 18, 2017 Toolots, Inc. and its executive team visited with the operators of a manufacturing facility in China that produces highly innovative plastic injection molding machines made using the finest Austrian-built components. The meeting with Konger, based in the city of Ningbo, was part of an ongoing trade mission to eastern China to connect with new potential suppliers of industrial products to the American manufacturing market.

Konger produces a wide range of lines of plastic injection molding machines. Their signature machine, part of the Konger Chameleon series, has the ability to mix two to three different colors in endless combinations and its injection technology reduces deferment within the mold itself, lending to much longer mold lifespan.
Lawrence Song, sales director of Konger North America, said the high-tech factory has the capability to produce about 50 to 60 new machines per month and that demand for these products is high; their customers come from all over the world, from the United States to Malaysia. Konger General Manager Jerry Qi said that he would put his machines up against any competitors, confident in their state-of-the-art technology and the highly engineered components within the injection system.
“Our specialty is producing machines using the latest technology designed in Austria,” Song said during the meeting, before taking Toolots through their production facility in the beautiful outskirts of Ningbo. The manufacturer is located close the busiest port in the world based on overall cargo tonnage, the Ningbo-Zhousan Port; the facility has the capability to ship machines internationally.
The Chameleon Series, Song said, “mixes two or three colors so that each plastic product comes out in uniform size and shape,” but when complete each item comes out with a unique look unlike the others.
Toolots US Chief Operating Officer Raymond Cheng, Toolots China Chief Operating Officer Mason Wang, Director of Global Commerce Services Grant Montgomery, Plastic Injection Molding Machine Engineer Gary Krause, Product Manager Tony Chen and Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy attended the meeting, as well as other representatives from the Ningbo-based manufacturer. Konger is considering joining the Toolots online marketplace to specifically reach the American manufacturing consumer, providing quality machines at competitive prices using the latest European-engineered technology.
Toolots toured the sprawling manufacturing facility, inspecting each stage of the manufacturing process for a wide range of machines. Konger’s machines are capable of producing plastic products of all types and sizes, from handles for disposable razors that blend two-to-three colors to cups of various thickness and much more. As part of the company’s comprehensive testing process, machines are run dry through a transformer prior to packing to ensure operation is at peak levels.
The company specializes in making custom plastic injection molding machines for global manufacturers, building them to various voltage levels specific to each manufacturing region or specific customer demand. Machines custom-built for international customers are assembled at the Ningbo manufacturing facility.
Konger produces the Kon-Tec and K-Series of machines in addition to the Chameleon Series, rounding out a lineup of products that caters to all kinds of industrial manufacturing. All machines are programmed with nine different languages, from English to Mandarin Chinese, and additional languages can be programmed upon customer request.

Toolots continues to meet with industrial manufacturers during its trade mission to China, and will have additional announcements in the coming days about additions to the California-based online marketplace’s expanding product lin

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